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If you are an adult working with young children - teacher, child-minder or parent - Counting is Easy Peasy will give them those vital firm foundations on which to build


Understand Numbers

Counting is Easy Peasy introduces children to the concept of 'place value' using a little character called Hedgicus. It is written in humorous rhyme as children both enjoy and learn more readily from this form. Slipped into the rhyme are the important vocabulary of 'before', 'after' and 'in between' as well as written sums. All they need to know is 1 to 9 and they'll be counting to 100 in no time at all, understanding that they don't need to worry about what we CALL numbers in order to WRITE them. They will also become friends with numbers... an attitude of mind so vital to later success in Maths.

Currently available in PDF format only, it is beautifully illustrated throughout with friendly characters to further aid children's engagement.

What is place value?

In our number system we have only nine digits and zero with which to 'make' numbers. Zero acts as a 'place holder' and digits take on the 'value' of the 'place' in which they are situated within a number. This is the 'alphabet' of Maths and unlike in English where words are very often not what they say they are (one, eight, come, some, have etc) numbers are always what they say they are.

About the Author


Now retired, Sally has taught KS1 and KS2 in both the state and private sectors but it was while she was Head of Pre-Prep at Walthamstow Hall Junior School in Sevenoaks, Kent, that she gained the inspiration for this project. She was an IAPS (the Independent Association of Prep Schools) Head of Pre-Prep Area Coordinator for several years and has also been editor of the SATIPS (Support and Training in Prep Schools) Nursery and Pre-Prep Broadsheet. Her academic credentials include an MA from the Institute of Education, a PGCE from Goldsmiths College, London and a BA (Hons) from Sussex University.

About the Illustrator


Gillian McCusker has been working as a Fine Artist for the last six years working on illustrations, portraits and commissions. She has exhibited internationally with Donkey Art and exhibited at Brick Lane Gallery and Lo and Behold Gallery amongst others with works held in private collections in the UK, Australia and Singapore. For more information please see her website http://www.gillianmccusker.co.uk